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Incinerators flout standards


Emissions from waste incineration plants across China generally exceed national standard, especially in East China's Zhejiang and Fujian provinces, where emissions were found to be several thousand times higher than standard limits, said a recent report.

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solid waste management

The garbage problem is now one of the most important environmental issues of the world. We are now working on this to make a better place to live.


Abou FON

Friends of Nature was founded by a group of concerned Chinese intellectuals in Linglong Park, Beijing, on June 5th 1993, and officially registered at the State Ministry of Civil Affairs on March 31st 1994, as one of Chinese environmental NGO pioneers. Its founders include Prof. Liang Congjie, Prof. Yang Dongping, Ms. Liang Xiaoyan and Mr. Wang Lixiong.

More than 10,000 members have joined FON so far, including some 3,000 active individuals and 30 organizations, and nine local member groups have been founded all over China. Many individual members enthusiastically carry out a variety of environmental protection activities, and have received numerous awards. So far, more than ten NGOs have been established by FON’s members. In the past sixteen years, FON has received more than twenty awards at home and abroad, including the Asian Environmental Award, the Global Award, the Great Panda Award, the Green Citizens Award, and the Ramon Magsaysay Award, as well as recently the One Foundation Philanthropy Grants.