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The waste management has long been one of the most critical and crucial challenges in view of environment-related issues. Solving the waste problems is closely associated with the public’s active participation in addition to the government’s waste management planning, again, it is inseparable from the acting strategy transiting from back-end processing to front-end waste minimization. Through public education, pilot program and field investigation, Friends of Nature is committed to exploring applicable ways of classifying solid waste and liquid waste, recycling and other front-end waste minimization methods, promoting the formulation of policies which are efficient in the waste management, supporting the development of associated institutions, and investing the “Chinese-specific ways” to resolve the waste issues. The course “Waste and Life” initiated by Friends of Nature, by means of launching educational activities focusing on waste minimization in schools, communities and enterprises , aims at enhancing understanding of the waste issues among the youths and teenagers and encouraging them to join and participate in the waste management in proper manners.