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The Blue Sky Lab, initiated by Friends of Nature, is an experimental lab open to the general public, which focuses on the science popularization of air pollution and resolutions to the haze as well. Through the incorporation of brick-and-mortar laboratory into public participation, the Blue Sky Lab marshals scientists, professionals, volunteers and general citizens. A series of public activities has been launched, such as “Bring the Environment Testing Instruments Home for the Spring Festival”, “Dust Retention Capacity Competition”, “Survey of PM 2.5 and the Choice of Means of Transport”, in addition to specialized science popularization premised on the subject “Air Quality and Human Health Protection”. By transforming the “remote data” into bits of everyday life, the project is to help resolve the haze issues in a scientific, positive way. The Blue Sky Lab develops public course of science popularization, cultivates lecturers serving the public interest and provides the wider community with practical and effective knowledge and resolving ways of public protection, meanwhile, it is aiming to continuously come up with new science popularization activities in accordance with public participation and expectations.