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In November 2014, Friends of Nature initiated the project “Public Participation in the Qing River Investigation”, taking Qing River as a starting point, the idea of which was to raise the public’s awareness about river issues, motivate them to participate in the investigation, monitoring and sewage treatment of rivers, build up a public communication platform among the public, professionals, enterprises and the government in order to epitomize proper methods and modes of the public’s participation and supervision in resolving the environmental issues, and to inculcate the public with a sense of responsibility for the society and environment step by step. Since September of 2017, in conjunction with the “Waterfront Neighbourhood”, i.e. a private project of water environment investigation, the findings of the Qing River Investigation have been contributed to the 13 dark and smelly water bodies in Beijing. Taking the establishment of “Beijing River Investigation Group of the Friends of Nature” as the meta-phase objective, the project is committed to motivating and inspiring a wider public’s awareness of the river issues, impelling them to participate in river-guarding activities.